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combine pdf onto single page

Russell Abbott

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Russell Abbott

Hello, I am trying to create a single page pdf out of two pages. I'm using architectural drawings that have a "match line" so I would like to be able to cut out the image left of the match line, and combine it with the remainder of the drawing which would be to the right of the match line on the next drawing.

So want to cut one pdf, and then add the other one onto it like a puzzle piece.

Thanks! -Russell

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Steven Zakulec

There aren't a whole lot of good options here.

More or less what you'll end up having to do is this:

Add a blank page to your PDF (page size should be at least as big as the rest of document).

You'll copy everything from a page, paste it to the blank page, then size it to half sized.

You'll then repeat with the second half of the page.

Hopefully that helps you out.


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Russell Abbott

If that's what I have to do, I'll give it a shot. I just thought there might be a feature or other more direct way to join images into a single page. Thanks! -Russell

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