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Nitro 12 Pro 64Bit Windows 10 ITA doesn't work


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I just purchased Nitro Pro 12 Individual and downloaded the 64 bit version to my new laptop running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Italian version. The installation it's completed but when i click the Nitro icon i received the following error: the service does not have sufficient privileges. Please reinstall.

I tried to start the program as administrator but nothing appears.

I already tried some fix that i found on the forum but since my windows 10 it's in italian the command doesn't work.

PS C:\Windows\system32> takeown /F "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps" /R /D Y
ERRORE: Sintassi non valida. Il valore 'Y' non è consentito per l'opzione '/D'.
Digitare "TAKEOWN /?" per informazioni sull'utilizzo.
PS C:\Windows\system32>

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Nitro Pro (64 bit) - nitro_pro12_ba_x64

Clean installation, only windows 10 and firefox are installed.




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Hi Leslie, I still have the same problem.

i started Nalpeiron Licensing Service but sill nothing appear when i click nitro pro's icon.

I'm not sure regarding Windows Event Log in the 'Services' dialogue box  since as i wrote before I have windows 10 in Italian and some names are not the same.

I used this one, EventLog - Registro eventi di Windows,  still in the Services but nothing changed.


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