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I am using 12.6.  I want the user to be able to select 1 value from a predefined list of values.  And then I want that selected value to populate the field.  A couple of problems are cropping up.  One is that during the selection process, the up and down arrows block out some of the text.  I have list with values like "BED1", "BED2", "BED3".  All the user can see is the "BED", so he can't make the correct selection.

The other issue is that after making a selection, you can see part of the next value in the list below the selected value.  So, if I select "BED2", I can see a little bit of "BED3" below it. 

Is there a way around these 2 issues?  Is there a better tool to allow a user to select 1 value out of a list and have that selection be the value of the field?

Thank you

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I'm having the same problems with the List Box function that andg described, using

Add a third issue with not able to find the right combination to allow the responses to print without the blue background.  Under List Box properties, "visible" is selected on General tab, "no color" is selected for both border/fill color on Appearance.  

Thank you,

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