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Unable To Start Print Job


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Hello, this is the first time I have used a forum like this so hopefully this works. I am not too happy that Nitro doesn't have actual product support that is easily accessed by a phone call especially with a paid product.  I am trying to print to the Nitro Pro 9 pdf using driver. I am basically trying to print to pdf. I had an older version that worked fine and now with 9 I have not been able to do it. Any recommendations? Something I am doing wrong?  Thanks all!

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Same for me. I have Nitro Pro I reinstalled Nitro Pro and same issue: Unable to start print job.

I have VIP service but Nitro's response is very slow and, when they do respond, provide weak solutions that get you no where.

I'm looking for a solution in the community because their support his horrible.

I can however, print with Adobe Acrobat READER. How's that for irony- I have a paid reader from Nitro that doesn't work but the free reader from Adobe that does work.

Thanks for nothing Nitro.

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