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Forms in Nitro


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Hey Guys,

Just after some assistance into creating fillable form fields in Nitro Pro.

I want the checkboxes to all be the same size and am struggling to do that.

When I copy and paste them so they are the same size, if you click one, they all are checked and if you untick one, they all uncheck. I am looking for an effective way to make them the same size without doing it manually.. as I have failed miserably at that.

Thanks in advance!

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Steven Zakulec

I think the check boxes need to not share the same form field name- go to the Forms tab, click on the Select Fields button, and then check each checkbox- click on it, then go to the Properties tab at the very end, and make sure each one has a distinct name.  If you have checkboxes with the same name, they're linked together as you saw.

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