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Nitro 11: Cannot print pages with markup only


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I have made remarks in a document using "Add note". After that "summarize comments". I get the document with the remarks nicely sorted and can save that.

In the printer-window, I can select "print markup pages only", but Nitro does not print any pages. If I make a pdf-print, I get a 0kB file.

Also the printing sample on the screen, is a different format, but can solve that by selecting "Expand to fill printable area".

I tried it already with two totally different documents, but get the same result. I can see the remarks, I can read them in other pdf-readers as well. But cannot print the pages with remarks only. If I select the page numbers with comment manually, I can print them all  (it concerns a 600 page document, with comments on 200 pages only, so manual sorting is a bit of a task)?  Can someone help me?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Gert,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please send the file via direct message and your exact steps so we can troubleshoot and assist you.


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