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why do I print the document do nopt show the added text that I filled in the form?

Kawee Sasawat

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Kawee Sasawat

I met the problem when I open the pdf document and I added the text in the document. When I print out the text that added not print as I already added.

Please advice.



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Kawee,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

Can you please forward the file to me via direct message so I can have a look? Please also include your print settings (a screenshot will be helpful).


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Kawee Sasawat

I also have more problems about the program such as:

1.for deleting the text and image. the whiteout erase can not delete in the area I selected. it can not control the selected erase area.

2.I open the last pdf file and I add some text and image and so save for updated file. Then I print out the new text and new image that just added not print out.

so I would like to uninstall the nitro12 first and then reinstall again. Can I do this? How to do? I am afraid I can not use my serial number to reinstall again. Can you advice me to do uninstall and reinstall the nitro 12 in the right way.

Please reply me asps.

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