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Watermark Only When Printing


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Hi All 

A bit of an odd one here. We have a requirement that a signed document contains a watermark "PRINTED FROM ELECTRONIC FILE" only when printed. I can do this on Adobe by unchecking "show when displaying on screen" on the watermark but I can't find the equivalent in Nitro Pro.
Can anyone advise please? 




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Steven Zakulec

I also can not find that option for Watermarks.

As a less-than-perfect workaround, you can do a text form field that has the watermark text as the default value, set it to read-only, and set the Visibility to Hidden but printable.

This way you have the text essentially invisible normally, and any printed versions would have the text you wanted show up.

Nitro will still alert you to the fact that there is a (fillable) form field, which isn't great- Adobe Reader DC does not appear to alert you to the form field.



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