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If i have a multiple file with bookmarks opened in Nitro and use the split function in Nitro Pro, the splitted documents are 'rembering' all the bookmarks from the original document. (not only from the splitted file.) When you click on the non existing bookmarks it will give an error. they should not be visible.



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Hello @Nico,

Without looking at the file you are working on, sounds like you need to try to remove all bookmarks, then reapply them on the new files using the Auto Build Bookmarks feature.

For this, I suggest saving a copy of the original file so that if it doesn't work, you still have a copy of the file with the bookmarks in tact.


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Hi @Leslie V., I have the same issue. I have Nitro pro 10 and trial of v12 but the output is the same. While splitting a pdf by bookmark name, the output keeps the bookmarks of original file. the proposed solution does not work. It is very strange btw since other softwares i have tried, they remove the invalid bookmarks after split, however i would like nitro to work since we have 2 licenses of nitro pro 10 

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