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23 Error - License Already Used


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My product is Nitro Pro 10 with license 2*****-******-*****2

I followed many times the steps to activate the downloaded version to my new pc and even though I have two activations allowed I can’t activate the product.

I submitted a support request and an support ticket for activation

Even though it seems I have 2 deactivated licenses I pressed the “deactivate” button and I received

All the procedure approves that I have 2 available licenses, BUT STILL I CAN’T ACTIVATE MY PRODUCT


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Apapaz,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I released your key so you can reactivate.

I hope that helps! Cheers!

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Safety Concepts Limited

Hello official Nitronaut.

I have the same issue whereby I have been back to Cleverbridge to resolve 'no more liceses available' following many instances of 'Activation unsuccesful'  

Nitro Pro v9   234601-xxxxxx-xxxxxx


- all very frustrating. Please HELP.



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I've got the same error.  Windows did an update to a new edition and that seems to have reset Nitro somehow.

I have Nitro Pro V11 and have two serial keys that both report that they're already used.  I believe the one relevant to the install giving problems is 234600-xxxxxx-xxxxxx.  For reference, my other serial is 234601-xxxxxx-xxxxxx

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