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Automatic Page Numbering

Robert P

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I am looking to manipulate the page numbers on my pdf.   For example, what I am trying to do, is when I open up a pdf and open the page navigation pane on the left, it starts the first page as #1, however, my document itself does not start at page #1 until about 6 pages down (due to title pages, etc.).  How do I get the pages in the navigation pane on the left to correspond with the actual pages of the document.  For instance the first few pages should be roman numerals or blank and page 6 should be "page 1"....



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Is it possible to have page numbers via the PDF correspond with the page numbers in the actual document itself? For example page 1 of the PDF starts on page 1 of the live document instead of having the PDF page 1 start on the title page or table of contents of the live document.

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As far as I know you can't renumber pages using Nitro Pro 12. It will display "dynamic" page numbers (eg. i, ii, iii, etc.) at the bottom of the page, but does not consider these as actual page numbers. For example, if you enter "iv" at the bottom of the page for the page number to "Go To" that page, Nitro Pro doesn't understand that page number and does nothing. However, it you enter a dynamic page number (eg. 1, 2, 3, etc.) Nitro Pro will take you to that dynamic page.

Hope this helps.

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