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Continuous action?


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I'm using Nitro Pro v9 still and use it for estimates.  I use the "Review"-"Shape"-"Rectangle" in yellow to highlight the items I'm taking off.  The problem is the function is not a continuous action one where I can zip around and keep creating the shape over and over till I'm done.  I have to keep clicking the icon at the top for each and every case I apply.  It would be nice if it was continuous action where I could eventual right click and "end action".  I've seen this in some programs but I really need it here.  Might any of the newer version have such a feature to consider upgrading? Or am I missing this sort of ability even in the version I'm currently in?

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Steven Zakulec

Hmm- in my copy of Nitro, I tried what you suggest, and I had no trouble placing rectangle after rectangle on a form just by left-clicking on the page after I had selected the Rectangle shape from the Shapes button on the Review tab.

You might want to upgrade Nitro 9 to the last released version (or not), and try repairing it.

Here's the links for downloading the last version of Nitro 9, and for repairing Nitro:

http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/previous version/000001644


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