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Require signature to open PDF


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I'd like to create a PDF that requires a signature on the first page of the PDF to open the full content of the PDF. Ideally, want to add an NDA to the first page of the PDF document that requires a signature to view the full PDF document. Is this possible?

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Steven Zakulec

Is the signature strictly required? I ask because you won't have a way to get it once they sign it unless you're counting on them sending back the document before they can proceed.

Would a document open password, or a certificate authentication work?  This prevents anyone from opening the document unless you provide them with the necessary password or key the document to their public key.

If the answer is you need a signature, normally I'd say you could use Javascript to hide the document contents on open, and then once a field is filled, unhide everything.  Unfortunately, I imagine this would only work with a digital signature, not QuickSign/electronic signatures unless you can figure out how to detect the presence of a signature.

Hopefully this helps a bit- if you have other questions, let me know and I can try to answer them for you.

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