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How do I protect a PDF?


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I made a PDF using Nitro Pro 12.

I would like to distribute the PDF via download from a website.

I would like the recipients to be able to fill out the form fields and print out the PDF.

Or fill out the PDF form fields, Save As another name and then return to me via email.

I do not want them to be able to edit the PDF file itself but only be able to fill out the form fields.

What steps do I need to do? -Thank you. -Sue


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Steven Zakulec

Hi, you'll want to use Nitro's password protection feature to prevent changes after you set what people should be able to do with your document.

Here's the two pages on how to do these things:



Here's a general guide:

Go to the Protect tab, click on Password Security, and then click on "Require a password to change security settings and access specific functions".
Type in the password, then choose the options that best fit what you want to happen.
Hit finish, then make sure the PDF is saved (either as a copy if you want to keep an unsecured version and a secured version, or just one version) to ensure that the restrictions take effect.  Close the PDF, and then open the version that's been secured to ensure that everything works the way you want.

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