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zoom level when open pdf


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I have a say 10 pages in one pdf with bookmarks to be able to select pages.  When I click on different pages to view why does the zoom revert to 78% on a lot of the pages

even  after I adjust to 100% or 115% on the page. I then open another page in the pdf and still opens at 78%. is there a way to lock or set the zoom level for all the pages in the pdf? 

I have even tried to go to doc properties and tried to set to auto, 100%  and 125 % , still same, the pages open  at 78%





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Steven Zakulec

Possibly this is from the view settings being preserved in Nitro?

You can check if this is the case by going to File, Preferences, Appearance, and turning off "Restore last view settings when reopening PDFs".

The Page View tab should control what happens otherwise.

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