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Nitro pro versions after do not work properly.


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I'm running Windows 10 on two separate computers. I have the exact same problem With Nitro Pro 12 on both computers.

specifically, the only version of Nitro Pro 12 that operates correctly is with every version since, including the version that became available on February 13, 2019, I experienced precisely the same problems on both machines.

First, the "Add Tools Favorite Tools" icon on the Home" menu is grayed out and does not function on every version after

Second, modifications to the Quick Access toolbar do not survive when the application is closed. When the application is reopened, the quick access icons return to the default settings.

third, all versions after crash constantly.

I've done complete Nitro Pro uninstalls before installing versions after identical problems as described above with each subsequent version on two separate PCs.








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Steven Zakulec

I have some ideas here for you that might make things better:

Try updating your device drivers (especially the graphics card)- you could be experiencing a bug somewhere else that manifests in Nitro crashing.

Use a tool like Memtest86+ to check your RAM and make sure you don't have a bad stick of RAM- that can cause all sorts of weird problems and issues.

Update your BIOS.

I'm not sure that these will fix your issue, but I've seen and heard about bizarre bugs & problems that got fixed by doing one of these, so it's worth a try especially since this is decidedly not normal situation (multiple versions of Nitro crashing every time).

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I appreciate the input.

The identical problem manifests itself on two PCs running the current version of Windows 10.

Highly unlikely that RAM would be bad in both machines

BIOS and drivers are all up to date.

I'm tired of dealing with the software. Every time an update of version 12 comes out, I hope against hope that the problem is fixed. However, in every update the exact same problem appears. The only version of Nitro Pro 12 that works is the original release. Literally every update since then manifests the exact same problem.

I've wasted incredible amounts of time trying to get to the bottom of this problem So I'm pretty much done here.





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