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graham dunton

graham dunton


graham dunton

Hi Nitro,

This is not a new issue,

Refer to : 2018-06-13-s- Is there a floating layer, that highlighting, and comments may be recorded upon.

But 2019-02-23-there is still the same  issue arising, from locked pdf’s.  older pdf authors are like deceased, so contact the dead is not an option!

We all understand , why many pdf’s. are locked, it is to stop wilful manipulation .Therefore, as soon as you attempt to highlight or create a note, within  a locked pdf. That is when you  are stimmed .

So, why?  can an annotation layer not be applied to   locked  pdf’s?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @graham dunton,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please provide us with the following so we can troubleshoot:

- The file you are working on

- your exact steps 

- The exact build you are using

- Your specific goal for the file vs what you are getting


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graham dunton


so for the delay Leslie, conversion from word to nitro were floorless for a while, an example crossed up this morning.

I copied then downloaded a media release to a word .docx

The links in that document are active.

It was then converted to a nitro pdf, those links were not active.

I did copy the three files for you, is there an attachment link available


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