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error:this document contains XFA elements.Open this file lost contains which i need to fill in

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Hello Nitro Pro Support

I need your help.

I got an pdf file which I need to fill in.

When I open the file with Nitro pro.It tips This document contains XFA elements. The document content may not be accurately displayed.Any changes made to this file may not be saved correctly.

I found it which open with Nitro pro lost some contains like forms.

I open the file with Acrobat Reader DC,it is good.

I hope you can solve the problem!

PS:If you need the file , I can provide the attachment.

this is my email address:cw.z******@****************.com


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Leslie V.

Hello @Wen,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We don't officially support XFA files. It utilizes XFA / XML forms architecture which is not compliant with the PDF 2.0 specification set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Due to this, we cannot officially support this format.  

This compatibility has been greatly improved with Nitro Pro 10-12, however some errors may still occur. 

The workaround is discussed below, re-print the file to PDF by following the steps below: 

•    Open the document in Adobe Reader 
•    Go to the file menu, and click Print 
•    Choose the Nitro Pro Printer, and click the Print button 
•    When prompted to Save, save the new document to the desired location 
•    Open the new document in Nitro Pro 

Though please note that the results may vary. Should you find that the output is not desirable, as this is a proprietary Adobe format, we suggest trying Adobe reader for this specific file.

I hope this helps!

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Chris Vivona

Please tell me you are kidding? If I need to download Adobe Reader what is the purpose of Nitro Pro?

  • I agree 2

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