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Was I paying to be a BETA tester??!


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I didn't see any language indicating so. If this piece of (tongue in cheek) software is supposed to be a productivity tool you have created the world's all time failure. Nothing but a consumer of all possible productive time that is spent attempting to obtain a productive nano-second from this piece of crap application. I have had this junk for four months and, to my amazement, every day it continues to surpass it's previous failures, to perform beyond even a "zeta" test level. Junk, junk, junk!!! I want my $$$ returned. This is NOT a product ready for market. CRASH, CRASH, CRASH!!! I'm shelling out for the real deal. NO one who truly must be productive can afford this, I don't know what to call it, at ANY cut rate price if you must have productivity! You will spend all your potentially productive time sending crash reports with Noooo response, not even a "we received it.", and idiot responses to "I've tried it on 10 different computers/operating systems and the SAME crashes occur!!" ...  "Uh, well, was the computers plugged in."  You people are Criminals!!! There should be a class action lawsuit. Just quit making all your freakin' excuses and fix this piece of crap, if possible!

Nitro Pro Win7 Home Prem  8GB

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Mario Kevesic

@JDF I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Nitro Pro has been disappointing. We would love to hear more about what's happening so please respond to the support case that Allain, our Support Rep, created for you. I also noticed that this is your second post on the Community Forum. There is no need to be creating additional posts with the exact same content. We will do our best to troubleshoot and fix the problems you're running into but we need your help in identifying what those problems are.


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