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Russell Abbott

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Russell Abbott

I combined several images into a .pdf but when I went to use Type Text feature my script was tiny. I realized the page size was something enormous like 56x44. I looked at Nitro help files it said to use the Page Pane, and right click pages, select page size, and click a new size, like Letter. But when I did this, it simply took a letter sized chunk of the middle of my page and was like, "well there you go!" So that did not help.

So is there any way to actually size down? I tried printing to pdf but it did not work.  I want to Type Text on the page for notes for my friend but I can't make it visible! 

Thanks! -Russell

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Steven Zakulec

You can, but you'll have to re-size everything yourself- if you select everything with Edit, you can shrink it down using the handles.

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