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Is there a way to auto-generate the same bookmarks for every PDF file that I build. I usually have the same bookmarks in the same order and with the same name for each bookmark and each PDF file. I find it cumbersome having to go through the documents in the PDF and have to add bookmark for each section that I want to use a bookmark for. I know you can auto-generate bookmarks but those are usually based on picking up key words in the document but that will not work here. Good example is every file has bookmark called Cash and underneath the bookmark is all the supporting documentation for cash. The same goes for receivables inventory Etc. Every file is the same. Just the documents change. 

I guess I could take an existing PDF file that I have inserted and made all the bookmarks for and then delete all of the PDF pages and see if the bookmark tree on the left side is still there and then try to insert new documents under each bookmark.

Any ideas would be appreciated thanks



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Steven Zakulec

The closest you can get here is going to the Page Layout tab, click on Bookmark, then click on Auto Build Bookmarks.  The text there says it automatically builds bookmarks based on the styles and headings.

Here's the page from the guide on Bookmarks: https://www.gonitro.com/user-guide/pro/article/create-bookmarks-automatically

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I had the same problem.  Would have long reports that needed to be bookmarked section by section.  Can solve the bookmark problem by using MS Word.  I use Word 2016 but others are similar.  Create your document text in Word.  Add all the formatting lay out the document as you want to print it.  Go to top heading line, to View - click Navigation Pane to open a side window.  Window will probably be grey with no text.  Click on Home tab.  Be sure the Ribbon is showing.  The Styles box shows Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.   This is a hierarchal order.   Heading 1 is the top level style, followed by Heading 2, 3, 4.  

Highlight the text you want to bookmark as Heading 1.  In the Style box, R click on Heading 1.  Dialog box will open.  Select "Update Heading 1 to match selection".  The text identified as Heading 1 will now appear in the Navigation Pane as the top level heading, and all text identified as Heading 1 will have similar formatting.  Using the Format Painter, paint all text in the document you want to appear like Heading 1.  All Heading 1 text will appear in the Navigation Pane.  

Now do the same for Heading 2.  Heading 2 will be second level text.  Highlight the text you want for Heading 2.  It should be formatted the way you want it to appear in the printed document.  R click on Heading 2 in the Styles box on the Ribbon.  Select "Update Heading 2 to match selection".  The text identified as Heading 2 will now appear in the Navigation Pane as the next level heading, and all text identified as Heading 2 will have similar formatting.  Using the Format Painter, paint all text in the document you want to appear like Heading 2.  All Heading 2 text will appear in the Navigation Pane.  

Repeat this process for all Headings you want to appear in the Navigation Pane.

Once finished, save the document as a Template in Word.  

To create a PDF with bookmarks, start with the Word document.  Select Export (instead of Print or Save As).  Click Create PDF/XPS.  Box opens, select Options...  (grey box).  Check box - Create bookmarks using Headings.  Uncheck box -  Document Properties.  Click OK.  Select Publish.  PDF document opens.  Click on Nitro bookmarks icon on L side.  Bookmarks panel opens and shows all bookmarks created from Word Styles.  Can modify bookmarks in Nitro.  To open the document showing bookmarks, go to File - Document Properties.  Select Initial View and use the drop down menu to select Bookmarks panel and page.  Will show bookmarks on opening document. 

Once you get familiar w using Styles, can create text styles pretty quickly to create bookmarks in documents that are used frequently.  


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Hi Mark

I will have to go thru and learn this Navigation pane steps you suggested. 

Question - even if I could get the bookmarks to display as a template for each pdf my problem is trying to drag and drop docs on or underneath each bookmark.

It would be great if want to add a doc to a bookmarked section lets say after tab 5 instead of having to scroll thru all the thumbnails to search for the place to insert the 

page when none of the thumbnails have any mark or notation there are bookmarked.

 for example:

    Tab 1

     Tab 2

       -    a

       -    b

       -    c

     Tab 3

  If want to insert a doc  after Tab 2 - b it is quite a long process to search for it and insert since I cannot drag and drop  when in bookmark view , I can only

    insert via thumbnail view which does not let me know where I am and where the bookmarks in that view.  You shd be able to quicly scroll to Tab 2 page B and insert

   a page there.

Pls see image below


What I am trying to do is drag and drop docs after say A.3 or after C.3 and the Bookmarks would be similar to A.1, B.1 C.1 etc

Any ideas?

How do you do it?


Thx again





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