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Using the LicenseCheck tool

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I'm having some issues when running the License Check.exe tool to retrieve the installation id from multiple comptuers that we have Nitro pro 11 already installed on them (more than 100 comptuers)

my command like this 

psexec \\computername cmd /c "c:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro 11\LicenseCheck.exe" >> "\\sharedfolder\nitrokeys.txt"

and it's retriving installtion ids but the installtion ids doesnt match our recored since the last 12 numbers is different

is this a normal thing for installtion id to be different ? 

Does the LicenseCheck.exe can be used with psexec command or we have to run the LicenseCheck.exe from the local machine direclty to get the same installtion ids to compare our records


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Leslie V.

Hello Ahmed,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I have created a support case for you so that we can assist you directly.

Please respond through that support case. We will need your serial number because we cannot locate your account using the email address you used here.



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