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Jennifer Zehnder

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Jennifer Zehnder

I am working on making simple changes to a floor plan layout (single Page).  New to Nitro and need some advice on "how to"...

I was able to change the text to the left of the floor plan to represent a portion of the building has been leased.  However, to modify the floorplan to show what section of the building is now leased (un-shade) verses the remained to be leased (shaded) I am having trouble.

In addition.  A table to the left of the floor plan on the same page ...I need to change the info as well to represent a smaller square footage available to lease.  I am having trouble changing this text info within the table. 

Any help would be appreciated.





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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Jennifer Zehnder,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

It is best for us to see the file first to be able to make suggestions. But, editing in general, you might find these articles helpful:




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