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Graphics-ONLY signatures, but for real...


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First, a little disclaimer. I am currently evaluating the product. I tried finding anything on this topic already on the forum, but failed.

Primary use for Nitro in my company would be signing the internal documentation with handwritten picture and a personal certificate. The requirement is that a signature field should have ONLY graphics (no additional pieces of information).
When I tested Nitro I realized that there is not a real graphics-only option available. There is ALWAYS space in the signature reserved for text, even when you don't select any textual fields. This results in a signature field that has to be oversized on the document, in order to make up for the wasted empty half of the signature and, frankly, visually it does not look appealing when a signature field is shown with a rectangle.

If there's not already a possibility for setting this up, would you consider providing the real graphics-only option, which would avoid creating a signature field with 50% of graphics and 50% of empty space?
For us, this is kind of a deal breaker, as the desirable display option already exist with some other competing products we are evaluating.

Thank you very much in advance.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Dejan,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

This has been requested in the past, however we do not have any updates yet whether this will be changed in the future, and if it will be, when.

We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding this! We will let our Development team know.

If you have any other suggestions, you can also drop them here.


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