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Bulk Conversion of Outlook E-Mails to PDF, Keeping Each File Name


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Hello all.


I am currently doing a live evaluation of the product, I downloaded as I thought this might be able to help me.

Here is my issue. I have honestly several thousand project related e-mails. I need to convert over to PDF, but I must make each one an individual file, and retain the email subject as the file name. I have found I can do this with a single file. But when I try to convert multiple files, it will put under the first documents name, and combine the e-mails.

This will not work for my task at hand. Converting the folder is the same.

Is  there a way to do a mass file conversion and keep each as an individual file? Am I missing a setting?

I am in a jamb and could use some advice.


Thank you

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello John,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Have you tried:

  1. Select the emails you wish to convert
  2. Go to the Nitro Pro addin ribbon and then in the Outlook Settings grouping, change the "Multiple Emails to:" dropdown list to PDF Portfolio
  3. click on Create PDF

This will create a PDF Portfolio that contains all the individual emails as separate PDF files and within these PDF files.

I hope that helps!

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I do not have a ribbon in outlook,. If I right click on the files, I have two selections that appear in the menu.

  • Create PDF from selected emails
  • Create PDF from attachments in selected emails

I see no other ribbon and or drop down in Outlook.

Is there a plugin needed. I am using trial version, is this functionality not in this?

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