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How Do I Get My Free Upgrade to Nitro 12?

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Our company first purchased Nitro Pro 11 in January 2018, and at the time we had VIP support or Software Assurance which allowed us a free upgrade to Nitro Pro 12 once it became available (it was not at that time). I have already confirmed that fact with an individual who tired to get us to renew our Software Assurance contract. We have since elected to drop the Software Assurance, so I am unable to ask my question via email or through a ticket. 

I tried downloading the Nitro Pro 12 installation, however the license key that we have does not work, saying it is for another version of Nitro.

How can I obtain this info if I am blackballed from contacting support?   Thanks!

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Leslie V.

Hello @CSI_Guy,

Thanks for reaching out to us through our Community Forums.

I created a support case for you so we can reach out to you directly.


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