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Saving embedded URLs and blue color in HTML pages when printing to PDFs

dario f

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Dear NitroPDF Communities,


Windows 10 embedded "save as PDF" feature from a HTML page is able to save embedded URLs regularly.

But it does not save the color of the hotlinks/URLs for easy identification in the PDF document.

NitroPDF Pro Creator 12 apparently does not save  hotlinks (URLs) and neither the original color: the resulting PDF is plan text eventually with graphics but with no hotlinks included and not colored/underlined URLs, so relevant information from the original HTML page is lost forever during the printing conversion.

Since relevant 'data' is not saved from the original HTML page, am I missing some options/choice that I should select in Nitro Pro when printing to PDF from HTML pages?

Thank you for your time and attention to the case.

- dario

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @dario,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

The only way to preserve links is to use our add-ins which unfortunately is not available on webpages. (As discussed here)

You may want to add the links instead (discussed here)

Hope that helps!




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Hello Leslie,

Thank you for the feedback.

Unfortunately the add-ins - as you confirmed - is applicable only to Word or Office products and not to regular web pages.  So it is not a solution.

Adding manually the hotlinks in post-printing PDF is totally unpracticable: an article or scientific paper published on a web page could embed dozens of URLs and the user cannot go back and forth adding the links from the source to the printed PDF.  At that point, it would make sense copy-pasting the original web page directly onto a Word docx and skipping the idea of printing to a PDF file with NitroPDF Creator.

The weird thing is the regular 'Save as PDF' offered by Chrome is able to produce PDFs with embedded hotlinks but unfortunately it does not always keep eventual original colors ad underlined text.

It is time that we could get a faithful copy of a web page converted in a PDF after all these  12 NitroPDF releases!

- Leslie, could you please add this feature for an enhancement request for NitroPDF Pro?  

A real implemented solution would be greatly useful for editors, journalists, researchers and anyone willing to save a web page keeping all of the original hotlinks, i.e. the embedded references.



Edited by dario
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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Dario,

I understand that this would be very useful. This has also been suggested in the past, but we have no information yet on when it will be implemented.

For other suggestions, you can drop them on our Products Improvement page as well:

Thanks, Dario!

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Hello Leslie,

I already posted the idea under the Products Improvement page some days ago under the section



but my thread still shows:


" Your content will need to be approved by a moderator " since April 24.

So I am not sure you can see it.




Thank you.

- Dario


Edited by dario
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