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I created a pdf form with Nitro Pro (version
when I open this pdf with acrobat reader the text saved with Nitro Pro appears correctly but when I want to modify it, the characters are replaced by rectangles.
Hence my question:
Is Nitro Pro compatible with Acrobat reader and how to fill in a text field from Acrobat ?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Roland,

Thanks for posting here!

Nitro created files are compatible with Acrobat and most PDF programs.

Please provide us with the file and the font you are using on the file so we can have a look at the issue.

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Hello Leslie,

Thanks for your answer.

My basic form was created with a Calibri font, but when I use the ArialMT font, the characters are replaced by rectangles, and when I use the Calibri font the characters are replaced by rectangles and an interogation point.

After many attempts I found a font that works: Helvetica.

There must be some incompatibility in fonts...

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