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(1) bookmarks changing zoom level; (2) send clean copies of pdf


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Hi there

2 questions:

1) when I click a bookmark, it changes the zoom level to whatever it was when I created the bookmark. Can this be changed so it just stays at whatever zoom level I'm currently on? It's quite annoying as my zoom level changes depending on whether I'm plugged into a monitor or not;

2) After highlighting & bookmarking a pdf, can I 'hide' my mark-ups for the purpose of sending a clean copy of the pdf to someone else (ie. without my highlights, etc)?

Thanks heaps


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @sgtpepper,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

You can hide them by going to Review >> Hide Comments. You can also set the initial view to Bookmarks being hidden. (Right click on a page on the PDF >> Document Properties >> Initial View >> Navigation: Page Only. The Zoom level can also be set here. 

Please note though, the markups & bookmarks will still be accessible to the recipient of the file. Saving a copy of the original file to send to them is another workaround for this.

I hope that helps!

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