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We use Nitro daily to modify and enhance blueprints in .PDF format.  The following suggestions would enhance that capability for us.

1)  Allow line thicknesses less than 1 but more than what .9 (or any number typed in that is less than 1) gives.

2)  Provide a double ended arrow option.

3)  Allow options for arrow head types - the existing arrow head is too large in some cases. (make more like a blueprint arrow head).

4)  Allow arcs (partial circles) to be selected.  Make variable like the oval option so that different radii and lengths can be chosen.

5)  Allow shapes (ovals, rectangles and text, etc.) to be rotated like lines are.

6)  Include a ± sign to be typed as a single character.

7)  Provide a variable erase tool - drawn by hand.  A rectangular erase shape does not work well in many situations.

8)  Provide an underline option for text.

9)  Allow lines to be made at specific angles.  Such as 1º, 5º , 10º etc.  The smaller the increment , the better.  This will make it easier to construct parallel lines and angled lines.

10)  Correct the print icon to print vertical and horizontal formats automatically.  The old revision did this, the updated revision does not.

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