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Nitro Pro tab missing from Outlook

A. Adams

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We recently updated to OS Windows 10 and Office 365.  The tab to convert an e-mail to a pdf is no longer showing in Outlook.  There is no Nitro Pro add-in showing when checking the add-ins available for Outlook.  I use this a lot.  Help would be appreciated!

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Thank you! These articles are written for Pro 12.  Is it the same for Pro 11?  I don't have the Support Tools as an option under the Help tab.  I found NitroPDFSupportTools.exe in my Program files, but before I go through the pain and justification of requesting the program be run, I just want to be sure the fix will work for Pro 11.

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Steven Zakulec

Yes- the process should be the same for Nitro 11.

You might be able to try something else first:

In Outlook, click on File, then go down to Manage COM Add-ins.

Click on that, and hopefully you see Nitro Pro in the list.

If you do, you can click on "Options", and there's a box that lets you always enable the add-in. Click that, and hit apply.

Hopefully you then have the Nitro Pro toolbar back- you may need to close & re-open Outlook first.

If you don't see Nitro Pro in the Manage COM Add-ins box, you'll need to have the NitroPDFSupportTools.exe run.

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Tanvirul Hoque




How to fix it.

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