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Combining Word docs into single pdf prompts to save temp word docs..how to stop?


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Hi All,

I hope you can provide some advice here. I have Word 2016 and Nitro Pro and the process for combining multiple Word Docs into single pdf seems to have changed recently. It looks like Nitro takes each individual input word doc and adds it to a temp doc file e.g. 3456-234d-da92.c573.fdocx in the appdata\local\temp\ folder for each input word file before converting them to multiple pdfs and then finally into single pdf.

The problem is that during this process I get popup messages from MS Word asking "Do you want to save your changes to  3456-234d-da92.c573.fdocx?" These are often hidden behind Nitro combine screen so you have to bring this to foreground to continue. This is slowing the process and didnt happen before. Has anybody seen this before or know of a solution for this? Thanks.


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