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Missing "Push Button" option on the Ribbon under Forms

Tara Sparks

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Tara Sparks

Trying to create or use the show/hide function, however there is no Push Button on the ribbon under forms. 

Also, if you already have a PDF that has hidden information that you open with Nitro, is there a way to un-hide the information to see them?

Nitro Pro Version

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Steven Zakulec

If you're talking about form controls that were hidden, you can see all of them when you click on the "Select Fields" button on the Forms tab.

If you want to make a button that when clicked causes a previously visible form field to be invisible, you can do this.

You'll want to make a button, and under Actions, choose "Show/Hide Fields".  Then select the fields that should be hidden when you click the button.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by hidden information- if you give me an example, I can tell you how to see it or unhide it.


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