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During printing the first page of a PDF is skipped on Brother MFC-L3770


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When I print a multi-page PDF, the first page is always not printed for some reason.  

On a single sheet PDF, it does not print anything at all.  

Adobe will properly print. 

Printer is  Brother MFC-L3770 CDW

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @JKP,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

Please let us know what exact build of Nitro you are using and also provide us the file so we can test it on our end.

Thanks, JKP!

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Nitro Pro

How do I upload documents?  I have a screenshot of the print dialog box showing all settings (with the SECOND page of the pdf displayed as the only one to print) and the 2 page PDF that I want to print.    

There is an "insert other media" bottom on bottom left, but no option to upload.  

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With the document opened in Nitro Pro, press control P.  Under Settings, click on the arrow next to print all pages.  Under Customizable Settings, see if Print Only Even Pages is checked.  If so, uncheck it and that should solve your problem.  If for any document you have checked Print Only Even Pages (e.g., you printed odd pages, turned the pages over in your printer, and printed even pages to produce a double-sided document), that setting will remain even if Nitro Pro is closed and you later open a different document.  You must uncheck Print Only Even Pages.  My comments apply to Nitro Pro 11.  I don't know about the latest version.


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Good call!  That was it.  I didn't set that though.  I've only been using the software for a month and it's been a problem since day 1.  I'm confused as to why that was like that.  

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