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I have a question regarding fillable PDFs. I made a form, but when I send it to a friend to complete, they are not able to save the filled out form. Is there something I need to do to my form in order for someone to save the filled out version (rather than them needing to print it out and scan it in). Does is matter what PDF software they are using to complete the form (i.e. adobe, etc)?


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Steven Zakulec

If you made them in Nitro, and didn't apply any security to them, it's likely that the version of Adobe Reader on their end isn't new enough to allow you to save changes to a PDF.

Adobe Reader used to not let you save the PDF unless it was specially created.  If you're using Adobe Reader XI or DC, you shouldn't have this problem anymore.

I'm not aware of problems with any other PDF product.

If this doesn't solve the issue, let me know more details about what's not working.


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