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Autopopulation of all fillable fields

Stacie Wissler

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Stacie Wissler

I am trying to complete a pdf document with fillable fields.  And, as I progress through the document fields, all of a sudden every field get populated with the last text I entered, including overriding every field I previously completed - and all is lost.

What is happening and how can I stop this?


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You need to look at the name of the fields that are showing identical information. They probably all have the same name. To fix this you need to open the properties window for those fields. In my version of nitro you have to go the forms tab and click edit all fields. It might be different in your version. Once your in the editing form fields mode, right click on one of the problem fields, then click properties. You should be able to change the name of the field there. Hopefully, you don't have a large number of fields to alter.

In the past I found that this happens when you copy and paste fields. The make copies of a field with unique names you can use the "make copies" function, which in my version is under the Properties tab, not to be confused with the properties window which I directed you to above.

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