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Duplicated form field names in existing PDF


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I'm trying to fix a problem with a (publicly available) PDF whose form fields are inconsistently named. They're line-up cards for a soccer organization and all the fields are duplicated several times since each page is four cards. This is the PDF:


The issue is that "Player 3" is mis-labeled "Players 3" so some application development we are doing to populate these progrmatically will either fail or require special handling when we'd rather just fix the PDF. 

We don't have Acrobat - just Nitro Pro. I can edit the PDF no problem, but if I change the first "Players 3" field, it doesn't change the other 3; and then the other 3 can't be renamed because the new name (Player 3) is in use. 

I've tried the "make copies" button and "inherit properties." Neither button does anything. I can cut or copy the original field but not paste it. What am I missing here? This seems like it should be pretty simple, no?

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Steven Zakulec

I tested this out, and found it's exactly as you described it.  In this case, there's a fairly easy workaround- delete the "Players 3" fields, then recreate the form field with the right name, and use the Make copies button to duplicate.

Not entirely sure if this is a bug or not- if you've got support, you could trying opening a support case about this.  Otherwise, make a thread on the Product Improvement forum asking for it to work the way you want.

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