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Bulk Change Highlighting (redaction?) Properties?

Cheryl O

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I need to perform voluminous redactions throughout multiple PDF files; however, I need one version to have transparent redactions (so that the judge can see through them) and another version with traditional blacked-out redactions.  I *think* the best way to go about this (so I don't have to do it twice on all the docs) is to use highlighting, then change the highlighting properties to black and opaque.  My question is whether I can bulk change all highlighting properties in a pdf at once or whether they must be done one highlight at a time (which is obviously not a good solution).  Will I be able to select all highlights within a pdf and change the properties of them all at once? Other ideas?  Thank you so much

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Steven Zakulec

So, the first part of your plan is great- but the second part will only lead to tragedy; I've suggested something below that should work better.  If you need to actually redact something in the PDF, you need to use one of three methods: Use the whiteout tool, use the redaction tools on the Erase and Protect tabs, or do a print out, redact, scan.  Anything else doesn't actually remove or make unreadable the content- it's just hidden, and anyone with a PDF editor (such as Nitro Pro) can undo the "redactions". 

It looks like you can actually do the plain highlight, and then redact afterwards without having to do the process twice.

What you want to do is use the "Mark for Redaction" tool to highlight all the things that need to be redacted.  This will put a red transparent box around the content, and when moused over it will turn black, showing what it will look like once the redaction is applied.

The next two steps are critically important- once you are done marking all the things that need to be redacted, save the file and close it.  When you go to close it, Nitro will alert you to the fact that you haven't actually applied the redaction- in this case, that's what you want.  When you do want apply the redaction, open the file back up, and you'll see a message about Pending Redaction Overlays- this lets you know the redaction still needs to be applied by going to the Erase tab, and then clicking "Apply All Redactions".

You'll then need to save the file for the changes to be committed to the PDF.  Once that is done, your PDF is properly redacted.

Hope that helps- if you have any other questions, let me know.

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