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Make fields required based on certain parameters


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I'm quite new to Nitro & I'm wondering if there's a possibility of making a field a required field if a certain box is checked?

Example: There are multiple checkbox answers to a question, but one of the options is 'other' with a text field to be completed. If someone ticks 'other' is there a way to then make that text field required? I don't want it to be required all the time as the majority of the time, the 'other' field isn't used & I don't want it to be non-user-friendly.


On a similar vein, is there a way to make a text field editable/uneditable depending on a checkbox being selected?

Example: We have a field where users answer 'yes' or 'no' to a question. If the answer is yes, they need to give more details in the text field. If the answer is no, I'd like to make it so that text field cannot be typed in. Either that or the text field is uneditable unless 'yes' is selected.


Apologies if I've missed something glaringly obvious in the User Guide.

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Steven Zakulec

You have not missed anything obvious in the User Guide- the way I approach this is search online for how it's done in Adobe, since that's where all the examples and tutorials are.  As long as you stick to AcroForms things, you should be good.

Here's a great example on how to do at least your second thing: https://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/js_disabling_fields

For the first thing, this might work for you: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1877008

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