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Purpose/use of the Cloud Shape in Review


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I have been playing with the markup tools in Nitro Pro 12 and everything seems to be good - all except the Cloud shape. I can't find any documentation on any of the markup tools including shapes but I do have ver 7.5 and am generally acquainted with shapes. Ver 12 has both a separate cloud shape and an ability to change all the other shapes to have three different "cloud-like" borders - which I am familiar with.

However, I can't figure out the cloud shape. It is very difficult to control. In fact, it took me a while to figure out how to complete it once drawn and how to select it once I was done - to manipulate it, move it, delete it or change properties. I found that I have to click the cursor somewhere in the middle of the shape to select it. Just inside the shape or on the lines does not select the shape - unlike any of the other shapes!

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be so different? If different, what is its purpose? I certainly doesn't appear or act like any other shape.

Is there a full manual for Nitro Pro 12? I couldn't find anything near complete. I did find this little blurb on the shapes at:


However, it treats all shapes the same and they definitely are not!!!

Is there a downloadable full manual somewhere for offline reference?

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Added request for downloadable manual.
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