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Correcting spelling and scanning in a scanned document

Rod Mather

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I have a scanned document and after scanning there are two issues.

Issue 1

Text is readable and correct, however if you select the text and paste it into another document there is corruption that is not visible in the orginal. For example if there is a line that reads "You have to do this every time" and you select it copy it and past it to notepad or other program it may look like "Yoii have lo do thllls evry tliiie" - Furthermore capital O is more often than not interpreded as a zero.

Issue 2

Text on a page that escapes being scanned and remains part of the image, even though similar text on other pages have been able to be converted though the OCR.

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Steven Zakulec

Issue 1 is almost certainly the fact that the OCR (optical character recognition- the thing that turns images of text into selectable text) didn't correctly recognize the text- the reason you don't see it in the PDF is that the OCR'd text is layered behind the image.  The text behind the image is expected when you choose Searchable as your OCR option.  If you want the text in front, you'll want to choose Searchable & Editable- this creates a new temporary file with the text.

All of the OCR options are under File, Preferences, Conversion.

Usually the defaults are good, but sometimes you might need to change the settings for a particular document.

For issue 2, it could be that Nitro thinks the thing with text is an image (that also happens to contain text) and just copied it over or left it in place.  Not a whole lot you can do with this, other than open a support case with Nitro and provide the problem file.

Also, if you haven't updated to the latest version, go here https://www.gonitro.com/support/downloads and do so- updates do get made to improve OCR.

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