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No response on support tickets for deactivation

Donny D.

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I have been trying to deactivate the computers on our active license for a week now. I've submitted tickets that get no confirmation or response, and when emailing support find out that they are closed with no work done.

Please let me know how to request these to get processed if it's not via submitting a ticket on the support site which is what the website states should be done.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Donny D.

We have received your tickets. They were all merged to your original support ticket.

My teammate assigned to the case will respond back very soon.


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I apologize for mass posting tickets, I was very frustrated that I kept getting responses saying my ticket was closed and nothing else.

It would be great if you had a portal where a customer could check the status of a ticket. At this point I don't even get an email saying that I submitted a ticket, so it feels like I'm submitting them blindly.

I appreciate the update.

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