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Nitro 10 Pro - Opening pdf from a shared location


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I have an issue with a new computer. I have a mapped drive that a lot of people from the office store pdfs on.

With the new computer if I try to open a pdf from lets say location J:\PDFs, it will open Nitro but no document is shown.

Have in mind the computer is on a domain, same permissions, same account. No one else has this issue and it was working on the previous computer.

All this do point to an issue on the computer or Nitro but I haven't found anything yet.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue ?


Thank you

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Constantinos,

Nitro Pro 10 is one of our oldest versions of Nitro Pro which we have already discontinued. To read more about our sunset policy, please go here: https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/sunset-policy

We recommend that you try Nitro Pro 12 instead. You can run it in trial mode for 14 days! After that it can still be used as a PDF reader: https://www.gonitro.com/pro/try

I hope that helps!

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Steven Zakulec

There's an issue with deeply nested folders & long file names- if you have a mapped drive, and it's going many levels deep (more than 4), and you have a very long file name (over 50 characters. possibly 100 or more), you could hit a Nitro bug and a Windows bug- Windows doesn't allow pathnames of more than 255 characters in File Explorer (this includes the filename).

The easiest way to test this is copy the file locally, and see if you can open it.  Then, try making a new mapped drive much closer to the files in question so you are less likely to hit the 255 character limit.


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Hey ,

Thank you for your replies.

I'm sorry Leslie but i have another 30 users who use the same version and access the same files from the same location and none has this issue. So in my opinion its not a problem of Nitro 10 pro but most probably settings on the computer.

Thank you Steven for your reply. As I mentioned to Leslie I have a lot of users who access the same files. The path is actually quite short. Definitely less than 50 characters.

Furthermore if I copy the file on the user's desktop Nitro opens it correctly. It's only when the user accesses a pdf on the mapped drive.

I will also test it again and reply with my findings.


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