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Unable to activate -23: License number already used.


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So, one of our computers died and I installed NitroPDF on a new one. It said it couldn't activate because there were no available licenses. I headed to the activation portal and deactivated the licenses we have. Confirmed deactivated. 

Tried then to activate on new laptop. Says -23: Error - License number already used. Thought I was trying it too soon.

So I waited an hour. Same.

Waited 4 days. Same. The activations portal says the number isn't in use but I still can't activate.

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My Windows 10 Pro was upgraded to Version 1903 last week and Nitro Pro 11 was shown "Trial Mode". I've done deactivation from your website at  https://licenses.gonitro.com/prd/portal and it shows "Number of Activations Allowed 2"

However, I've tried activating Nitro Pro 11 from my Windows 10 Pro computer several times, it always shows -23 license number already used. Please help!!!

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According to support the software generates a computer ID of all 0's and therefore you'll never be able to activate unless someone on their end makes a change against your account. For each new install I'm having to open a support ticket to activate software. Open a ticket and they'll be able to edit the ID on their end which will allow you to install. But I think you have to attempt and fail once so they can see the instance to correct in the first place.

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