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Printing too small

Susan H

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Received a PDF - when I try to print it comes out to small to read.  If I could change the page orientation or size of paper that it would print on it might work but the changes I have tried to make on my printer (Ricoh copier) has not worked.  If I could split the one page into 2 pages that might help also.  I have tried converting to a word document and it comes out with 5 pages (most are blank) and when I try to change orientation it gets all messed up.  I can zoom in and make it readable but I do not know how to save the zommed in view so that I can print it out.  

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Susan,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please send us the following:

- the file for test printing

- your printer's exact model

- the exact Nitro version you are using

- screenshots of the issue


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