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Printed document shows deleted text


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At my work we have a problem regarding deleted text in pdf documents using Nitro Pro. When the edited document is printed out with either Nitro Pro or Adobe Acrobat it looks as expected, but when using a third party application like Print Conductor the deleted text "magically" is back. If we edit the document with Adobe Acrobat the deleted text stays invisible when printed out with Print Conductor.

We found a quick fix in Print Conductor settings, to change printing from "as is" to "image".

We haven't changed any settings in Nitro Pro, just using the default ones. Did we miss something? We are now hesitant to use this combination(Nitro + Print Conductor) because of security reasons.



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Tricast,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please forward the file for testing and your exact step by step process.

Also, please send us What exact version you are using. You can find out by going to Help >> About Nitro Pro.


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