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converting pdf to Pdf/A-1b, exploding size


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I `m using Nitro Pro to convert pdf to Pdf/A-1b.

Unfortunately I´ve Problems with the size of the converted file. The size grows from 8MB to 150MB and is not usable for me.

I tried some different ways but Nothing is realy working.

First I tried to optimize the Basic file. The size went from 8.015KB to 8.060KB. Then I tried to convert the file but I received he error message: "Document cannot be converted to PDF/A compliant. Please use print to pdf feature to complete the document conversion"

And when I print the pdf with compliance property pdf/A-1b then the size explodes.

I had the same Problem with a document that was a bit smaller (1,7MB) after optimization it had 3,4MB. But with this pdf it was possible to convert it to pdf/A1-b to a size of 2,5MB.

But all in all with this Parameters I can not work with the program. after this I checked othe conversion I made (via print Option). and for all the size went up, e.g. from 230KB to 3,300KB or 108KB to 1.100KB.

I talked to a fired who uses another converter and he told me that with his program the size of the file gets nearly the same .

So I`m thinking what I´m doing wrong?

Thank you for your help





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Allain Umailin

Hello @Matthias,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

To further assist you with your concern, I created a support ticket on your behalf.

I will wait for your response through the support case.


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