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NitroPro version:


Issue: I have various files that I need to convert to PDF and then merge them.


1.Home/PDF/Create PDF Files

2. Point to the specific file and follow the prompts. I also check on "Open PDF file after creation"

3.Expected output: PDF file should be created in the same location as the input file, and the PDF should also open up.

4. Actual result: NOTHING HAPPENS. LITERALLY NOTHING. No message, no new pdf file is created in the target folder. I also looked in the temp folder and I can't find any file.


Please advise!!

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Thanks! Followed the instructions. Now, something does happen, but not 100%:

1. Fails when I drag the target file into NitroPro using the PDF button on the Home tab.  The word Just hangs - midway into the conversion process. I can post a screenshot...don't see the option of doing that here. After 3-4 minutes I get the message "The creation process encountered an error, and failed to create the PDF file".

3. When I open the same word file in a word doc and convert via the NitroPro tab, it works fine. So it seems the issue is when I bring a word (or powerpoint) file to NitroPro and then attempt to convert. This is much needed functionality - I'll have multiple files that I'd like to convert to PDF and merge (To be clear - i will not be mixing the formats; it'll be only multiple word files or powerpoint files etc. at one time).

So I'm still having the issue  - only thing that changed is that it's giving me an error message now instead of not showing anything earlier.

Will wait for your response,




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  • Official Nitronaut


Please forward a file that we can test.

Also, please try our latest product, Nitro Pro 12, you can download it from here: https://www.gonitro.com/pro/try
It will run as a full-featured product for 14 days! After that, if you choose not to purchase it, you can still use it as a PDF Reader.


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Not sure how to attach a file - the "insert other media" does not work (I don't have existing media...whatever it means).

I paid for the product. I'd like to have a resolution, rather than buy a new product......I hope you can appreciate that. Please let me know how to send a test file and I'll send it over.




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Last check - are there any options besides upgrading to version 12 (paying for it)? if not, it's cool, I'll just switch to another software. thanks

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Hello - I've bought the product which does not work. I have attempted the solutions suggested by staff here and those do not work either. The product is defective. I would like to get a re-fund. Please provide a customer service number I can call to talk to a real human.




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