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Revit "Conversion Aborted"


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 "Conversion Aborted" I have updated to the latest version of Nitro and continue to have issues. I have to restart my computer every time when trying to print to PDF from Revit 19. I have read Multiple posts on this similar issue, but not fixes i have seen. This has been a major issue and would like to understand why i have this issue. i do not have issues with other "FREE" PDF makers.



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Allain Umailin

Hello @Jason02,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Revit files contain rendered content/drawings and printing using the Nitro PDF Creator requires Nitro Pro to basically re-render and re-draw the content to a PDF. This can cause the Nitro software to crash, especially if the file has much content or several layers of drawings.

To bring in a Revit file into Nitro Pro:

a. Open the file in Revit > File > Export to an image format. (i.e. .jpg or .png format)
b. Open Nitro Pro > click on the Home tab > PDF > From File > Add Files > select the image file. This will convert the image to a PDF format. This process works over the direct print using the Nitro PDF Creator, since it does not require Nitro Pro to render the content in the Revit file.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach-out again.

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Why can I use a "FREE" PDF maker and not have to go through extra steps of conversion to make a PDF. While a "PAID" make me jump through hoops?  These are extra steps that you should not have to make through a program like this.

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Jeffrey Lee

Hi Allian.

I download Nitro Pro to print A1 PDF's. My last project I had no drama's. I haven't used it for a while an have the same problem as above. 

Has this been sorted with your software? This is not cool and the clarity of the drawings is poor when using your method. 

I'm going to need to purchase a better PDF creator and would like my money back. 

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