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Conversion from PDF Produces Very Little Text

Ray Phillips

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I'm using the free trial of Nitro Pro 12 on Windows 10...

When converting two PDF files (one created from Excel 2013 [1], the other from Word 2013 [2]) the resulting files have very little text, mostly what appears to be images. The PDF files (appear to) contain only text so I expected the result to be almost perfect. Is it possible for someone from Nitro to look at them and provide feedback, please?


[1]  https://qld.childcarealliance.org.au/downloads/human-resources/199-interview-scoresheet-numeric/file    (143 KB in size)

[2]  https://qld.childcarealliance.org.au/downloads/human-resources/201-position-description-template/file    (808 KB in size)

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Thanks for replying Leslie.

These were the steps I used to convert the "Interview Scoresheet - Numeric.pdf" file:


- opened the PDF file

- clicked the "To Excel" button in the Convert ribbon

- clicked the Convert button in the dialog box

I've just tried again, and found there's more editable text than I realised in the Excel file that Nitro Pro produced from "Interview Scoresheet - Numeric.pdf", which is good. :) It seems to be just the bulleted points that have come out as images, but that's still quite a bit of uneditable text.

For the "Position description template.pdf" file:


I clicked "To Word" then the Convert button. The resulting Word file consisted of only images, as far as I can see.

I would upload the files here but, annoyingly, can't see how to do that--are you able to download them from the URLs I've provided?

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Ray Phillips

Hi Leslie. Please let me know if you've been able to look at those two documents and see whey Nitro Pro doesn't convert them properly.

If not, please explain how I can attach them to a message in this forum.

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